Sensei Andrew Scala


Andrew Scala is a 30 year resident of Darien and was a three year varsity athlete in Lacrosse  and two year captain of the ski team at Darien High School.  He graduated in 1991 from New England College, where he played varsity lacrosse all four years for the conference champions.

​In 1992, he made the life changing decision to travel to Japan to train in the martial arts. He learned to speak Japanese and spent the next 8 years of his life in the daily practice of aikido, karate, iaido, bo jiutsu, jo jiutsu and manriki gusari under the tutelage of Kawamura Sensei.  Along the way, he earned twelve black belts in multiple styles, including a third dan in aikido, the highest rank ever awarded at his school.

His greatest honor was an invitation by the Japanese military to demonstrate various martial arts to troops stationed in Hokkaido. He and two of his colleagues performed demonstrations for over 200 high ranking officers of the Jieitai (Japan Self-Defense Forces). 

Scala Sensei returned to Darien in 2000 with the dream of opening his own dojo to teach a new generation of students in Japanese martial arts. In 2001, he opened Darien Martial Arts Academy, where he  not only teaches his students the physical aspects of the martial arts, but also helps them to develop discipline, self-confidence, and respect for others.